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Real Estate Lead Generation


Are Internet generated real estate leads for real? You bet they're real! Check this out! Many real estate agents have already zeroed in on this new stream of real estate lead generation. Some, claiming half to three quarters of their sales are from the net.

Real estate lead generation services are on the rise. The services have started to master the art of garnering Internet real estate leads. They are growing and aggressively marketing their services to real estate agents. Some agents criticize them, some love them. They do take the hassle out of trying to figure out how to get Internet leads. They save you time and let you do what you do best, "sell and close leads."

There are a lot of new real estate lead generation businesses bursting on to the real estate Internet scene. Many are eager to connect the house-buying public with real estate selling agents. They are using their expertise to funnel home- buyers to agents for their fee for service. Some agents are embracing them while others are not so warm to their services. The agents who embrace the services are claiming 50 to 70 % of their sales from real estate lead generation services. These businesses have now figured out how to connect and engage the buying public in some Internet venue.

real estate lead generation is fairly new, but Internet lead generation is permeating all areas of business such as car dealers and lawyers. A whole range of businesses and services are coming on board fast. The wave is very indicative of the swelling tsunami headed our way on the internet. Distance knows no bounds with customers and leads on the net. Agents are reporting that their real estate lead generating service has brought them buyers from half way around the world. Buyers have now purchased homes without even coming to see them. Real estate agents use the net to relay pictures and information back and forth to bring deals to completion.

What you think about real estate lead generation is probably influenced by many things, such as: your peers, your technical level, media, your own attitudesand your view of the net. Some agents see Internet leads as the next wave, others are stuck in a rut and don't want to change and some are completely blind to the possibilities of real estate lead generation. Some agents just see these leads as another added expense to doing business. The fact remains - good returns on getting business doesn't cost - it pays.

Some agents are completely bent out of shape by bad leads and are demanding qualified leads. Think about the possibilities, a good number of agents can capitalize on those so called "unqualified leads" down the road. The average person is moving every five years. Raw real estate leads produce good leads, but you have to take the "lookers" as well unless someone is "qualifying" them, which incurs an added price. Some agents complain about the "lookers." "Lookers" are not all bad, it's indicative of how many people do their first house hunt. Leads, good or otherwise, can always be put in a "drip campaign". A good "drip campaign" turns out to be a good, cheap and long- term real estate lead generation program itself. You can create your own e-mail list with the leads and start another enhanced source of real estate lead generation on your own. Your real estate lead generation buckets' holes must be all plugged. The agents who plug those holes are putting lots of extra cash in the bucket. You have to be aggressively proactive and work the real estate leads at all stages and points.

You need to have a larger view of what's happening out there to understand and capitalize on real estate lead generation. There are a lot of factors influencing who and how many buyers you are connecting with. Some of these factors are: seasons, economy, recession, relocations (military), inflation, demographics, buyers marketsand sellers markets. The one consistent factor is that there is no single consistent factor. The one main factor that agents must realize is that they must eliminate "cookie cutter" responses. Personalization is critical.

How am I going to manage leads when my real estate lead generation program kicks in? When leads start coming, you need to have your "ducks" lined up. You're going to need time and organization. You need to be efficient. Internet real estate leads typically go to sale in 2 to 6 months. The leads need to be cared for and followed. The secret to successfully managing your online leads—or any leads for that matter—is to define and follow a comprehensive lead-management process.

Here is what to do. First, make a list of all sources of lead generation and print your own website and third party lead generation, flyers etc. Secondly, make a "response real estate lead generation" file with template responses. You'll find many responses fall into one of several categories: information on a listing; a review of financing options; a request for information about your services; an inquiry about the value of a prospect's home and so on. One easy way to ensure prospects receive rapid yet personalized responses is to create standardized e-mail response templates that can be modified to address the particulars of each request. Personalize each response by using the prospect's name and adding language that specifically addresses their situation.

Next, you need to keep in contact. Use your drip-marketing campaign to effortlessly keep your generated leads alive. Contact the prospective buyer with info packages, news letters, updates of new listings. Use any good reason to stay in touch with your real estate generated leads. Try to keep it personal.

Now, you need to implement a contact-management system. Contact-management software programs such as "Top Producer" are great in helping you or your assistant follow a systematic program of repeat contacts that will turn prospects into customers. Software programs should include not only a 'database of prospects' contact information but also automated reminders that pop up when it's time to make another contact.

Get a real estate lead-tracking system. This link is necessary. You have to track them and you have to know where they are coming from. Tracking generated leads need not be difficult. Set up an Excel spreadsheet into which you or your assistant enter the source of each lead and when it came in. Be sure to include which of your responses were implemented.

It's also critical to track which leads are converted to clients so that you can calculate the true cost of each lead-per-dollar of gross commission income earned. This will give you a strategic view of which real estate lead generation sources are most profitable and which should be dropped. Put it all together to reap the rewards. Real estate lead generation management isn't an optional part of your business. Neglect it, and you could lose prospects. Fortunately web- and software-based contact-management and lead-management options make it much easier for you to follow the flood of valuable generated leads into productive channels. There, that's the right way to turn real estate lead generation into cash income.

What are you waiting for? Time is money! Let's get started generating leads!

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