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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo messaging and multimedia mobile application for iphone, android and mobile devices. You may have heard about Snapchat, the mobile app that allows users to send videos and pictures that self-destruct after a few seconds. When a user sends a picture they get to decide how long it will be viewable for, between 1 and 10 seconds when opened. Once a picture is opened it will disappear in the 1 to 10 seconds as set by the sender.

Multimedia messages are referred to as "snaps". "Snaps" can consist of a photo or a short video. They can be edited to include filters and effects, text captions, and drawings. "Snaps" can be sent quickly and easily by selecting friends from their contact list.

A Snapchat "story" is a photo or video you post to your very own "stories" section (or feed) of your account. This is visible by you and all your friends. Simply swipe from right to left on any tab in the Snapchat app until you see a screen tab labeled "Stories". Your friends' "stories" will appear under "Recent Updates." A "snap" that you pin to your profile is viewable for 24 hours after posting. You can tap anybody's name to trigger and view a friend's "story", or "stories" in the order they were posted. "Stories" live for 24 hours and can be viewed again and again for that period. Once the 24-hour time limit is up, they are automatically deleted.

When you post a "story", your friends will see it appear in their "stories" section. All users can configure their privacy settings so that their "stories" can be viewed by anyone on Snapchat. Here is how to send your "story" to a specific set of friends. Open Snapchat and tap the settings (looks like a gear icon). Scroll to the "Privacy" area and tap on "Share stories to". Choose the "custom" option and select the contact to include in this group.


  1. Snapchat users must deliberately add each other in order to send and receive "snaps" thus creating a more personal definite connection.
  2. There are a lot of first time homebuyer users.
  3. Not time-consuming "snaps" are completed quickly.
  4. User friendly
  5. Easily learned
  6. URGENCY - People need to focus because the "snaps" will disappear quickly
  7. Snapchat will show you all the "snappers" in a given area or public function

Have a Snapchat "open house" on Social media and have your website promote your event. Inform your audience they can tune into your Snapchat "story" anytime on Saturday to watch live "snaps” from your open house. You can snap the open house as it happens or video the "snaps" before hand and then add them all to your Snapchat "story".

"Right off the cuff", do a selfie video of you giving them valued information about some market statistics. Don't try to fit everything into one video. You could create multiple engaging clips and send them periodically throughout the day or 1 a day. This is a great way to keep your name alive and to promote your expertise.

People love looking at nice homes. Send pictures of beautiful area homes and add them to your "story" where they can see a collection of beautiful properties. Update them regularly.

Engaging and interacting with your audience has high value. Have fun with it. Shoot them a photo with text asking a question. You can ask for a response with text or photo. Send out a beautiful home asking for a rating from 1 to 10. Are you getting the idea?

Don't be vanilla boring and all business. Regularly mix your "snaps" and "stories" with lots of fun and interesting personal stuff. Let people see you are a real person living a real life in the area. The more they get to know you the more comfortable they will become working with you. When visiting local "hot spots", restaurants and bike trails make sure to highlight with a "snap" or "story".

Capture funny and interesting people and events at your office. Show that you are fun, safe, friendly people. Let your imagination go and see the many possibilities. Highlight special occasions with their own unique "snaps" or "stories" i.e. Christmas or anniversaries etc.

Commemorate that special moment in clients' lives when they sign their ownership papers at your office with a “Snapchat” video or photo of the happy new homeowners.

There is a lot of material to draw on when sending tips. Tips on staging, mortgages, neighborhoods, when to buy or sell and on and on.

Take photos of new listings that are arriving on your agents' desks, and add them to your Snapchat "story", so that people can constantly watch for the newest listings released by your brokerage. Make it fresh every 24 hours.

The great thing about Snapchat is that it helps you join the community of fellow-snappers rather easily. You can search your contacts for Snapchat members, and add them as a friend. Many will return the favor immediately and you can begin exchanging "snaps". Display your Snapchat username on all your business cards and sites. Ask contacts and clients if they are on Snapchat.

The last word is, don't chase business, attract it.

Generating Real Estate Leads With Instagram - Learn How

With a growing 300 million user base this is a huge source with which to generate real estate leads. It is a pleasant and fun way to share all the things to do with real estate with your audience.

You can create a nice personal touch by posting pictures and videos of your real estate activities (i.e. listings, testimonials, home tips, interviews etc.). So read on and learn how to work with instagram to generate a whole new source of real estate leads.

Stay "real", that is to say, post original content that you have created. Your followers want to know what you are doing and what is happening in the local market. They are interested in the reactions and comments of others. You can forget sales, spammy or any phony baloney. They want to see you as a good, reliable source of local information. So keep that camera handy and always be looking for photo opportunities.

Create a small script for short listing videos so you know exactly what to say about the real estate listing when you hit ‘record'.

You can also create a bullet-point list of a few key aspects of your listing that you want to highlight. Then, shoot a “15- second" clips of each and add some commentary.

Use satisfied past clients to create a testimonial video. Fifteen seconds is definitely a limited amount of time to get comprehensive footage of a client review. However, a series of videos showing off your happy clients in their new homes and how their lives have changed since making their big purchase along with a short testimonial can be effective. That way, you have not only a solid visual approval for your services, but also evidence of what clients can achieve by working with you.

This is a great help that can multiply your work and time. Go into your Instagram account settings and set it up so that every time you post a photo or video it also appears on Facebook and Twitter.

Who would you rather hire as your real estate agent? Someone who speaks in monotone and barely/rarely smiles and shows off their personality, or someone who's bubbly, knows how to relate to people and is seemingly enjoyable to speak with? It's okay to show off your fun side on occasion via your Instagram account. Do this in moderation. Remember your main focus is generating real estate leads.

Keep your real estate theme. For instance, taking pictures of your agency's annual summer picnic or a “selfie" with old clients can do wonders for your image. Just be sure the majority of your photos and videos posted to Instagram relate to your everyday real estate activities.

You need to use relevant “hashtags". Use ‘Search' to find several combinations featuring your town or city's name and common real estate terms - like “homes for sale," “listings," and “housing market". Don't go crazy; use a few limited and specific “hashtags".

There's a price you pay for overdoing it with “hashtags": You'll lose those you actually want to follow your account and instead gain too many random users that have very little interest. Be thoughtful with your “hashtag" use. Take advantage of ones you know will help get your real estate Instagram photos and videos in front of the right real estate lead generation audience, and forget the ones that only generate random followers and “likes".

You should respond to posts and comments made about your photos and videos. If someone enjoyed a shot you took, say thanks. If you get asked a question about a listing, answer it either on Instagram or by email or phone. Small things can make a big difference.

Likewise, take some time to respond to others' posts on the platform. For instance, if you notice someone liking a lot of your photos and videos; check out their page and find a post or two to “like" as well and perhaps even comment on. Instagram is a great conversation-starter if used properly, so keep tabs on followers you can interact with.

It's also wise to comment on local business Instagram accounts to learn more about what's going on in your community and gain new connections. You never know what could generate a real estate lead. You don't need to comment on every post.

Comment and tag judiciously on Instagram to avoid becoming an annoyance to your followers. If you want to engage with certain users to gauge their potential as possible leads, then try to find their email online to start a private conversation as opposed to request a talk via their Instagram posts.

When publishing images stay away from putting text on your photos. Instagram is all about good visuals. The only text that's beneficial to feature in the occasional post is the address of one of your listings and perhaps a couple items for the property; like sales price and home type.

Keep your posting moderate. You do not want to post too often and become annoying. You do want to post often enough to maintain interest and flow. Aim for one or two times per day. You can use Instagram automation tools like “Latergram" or “ScheduGram". That way you'll have content that can be published to your account a week, two weeks, or even a month in advance. You can still publish videos and photos every one or two days.

Instagram has a limited “sharing" function to control who sees your post. “Instagram Direct" is a feature that allows you to share photos and videos with a specified group of users. So, if there's a listing you think only a handful of leads you follow on the site should know about, you can show the images and recordings of said property only to them.

Although it is called "Instagram" it's not going to generate instant real estate lead results. This takes time to build and grow before a lead harvest time comes. You need to proceed with consistency and hold the course for 6 months to a year.

The beautiful thing is, it doesn't take much time at all to follow through with this lead generating activity.

Having said that, if you are not generating any followers or “likes", switch up your posting strategy. For example, start taking more photos and videos of your listings and less personal shots and recordings. Or, if that plan fails, turn to more clients for testimonials and local community members for brief interview clips.

Over time, you'll find the types of posts, publication frequency, and “hashtags" that can help you grow your followers.

Last of all, you will need a way to measure the publics' activities as they interact with your posts. Services such as “Simply Measured" are just what you need. This type of service offers in-depth analytics features for Instagram; including ones that help you track engagement levels and follower growth and even offer insights as to how to better your account. So the price is right!

What are you waiting for?

LinkedIn: A Source For Generating Unique Quality Real Estate Leads

LinkedIn is a powerful business social network. This presents an huge hub to find jobs, new employees, and make real business connections and networks. When used correctly and consistently LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for generating good, qualified real estate leads.

YOUR AGENT PROFILE is your internet business card. Set yourself up in a professional and attractive manner to present a great image to the world.

Use the ADVANCED PEOPLE SEARCH to find lead prospects. Save your search. That is just the beginning. The Search will continue looking for prospects and sending you lists as it finds persons that fit your parameters. This is a cute little function that carries huge value for finding and generating high quality targeted leads.

The ROFO PRO REAL ESTATE APP. This is a very useful tool for agents to display their property listings and allows realtors to feature client transactions on their LinkedIn page. You can also share finalized deals with your connections and track their market.

Grab the COMPANY BUZZ APP and start checking for pertinent keywords related to their work or market used in Twitter posts without leaving your LinkedIn ID. When keyword matches are detected, the agent can jump into the conversation in real-time. For example, a realtor could enter into the Company Buzz APP keywords like "realtor", "sell" or "house" along with the town or city being searched. The APP will monitor local tweets from people who might be looking for a realtor in his area. These can become great real estate leads generator.

The POLL APP is a powerful way to connect with your own LinkedIn networks or to get info from the entire network. Creating a query to all members gets you in front of a bigger audience while getting great info from knowledgeable sources.

Check out the SLIDE SHARE APP. You can make eye-catching PowerPoint presentations showing tutorials, house tours, and so on. These can be shared in the community. This adds more Sparkle and interest and can create more engagement with your audience.

You need to join or create GROUPS and get connected to the other members. Make sure the groups reflect your target audience and thus connect with people who could lead to more quality online leads.

The ANSWERS TOOL creates opportunities for agents to share their expertise with people who are actively looking for good, useful information and help. Realtors need to take the time to search LinkedIn Answers to find relevant questions and answer them well. You can find new clients and generate referrals by doing this. This presents wonderful opportunities to ask questions that will draw out potential clients. Furthermore, realtors can ask designed questions in an effort to draw out potential clients.

Another value added service is ADS. Here a realtor may advertise his or her services. Make sure your advertising is correctly targeted to your area and specifics. Remember specific targeting is better. Get creative with multiple ads and test them.

Encourage satisfied clients to write TESTIMONIALS on your Agent Profile. Good endorsements boost your credibility image.

Spend some time developing your NETWORK. The power of networking is huge. Don't underestimate it. Networking multiplies.

Like anything else, LinkedIn works when you spend time developing your network, helping others and building your list of contacts. Make time each week to build your presence there and cross-promote your LinkedIn presence on your business cards, marketing materials and on other social media to get the most out of your experience. You give your input and get quality agent leads in the output.

How To Get Your Share of Online Leads From Google Places

GOOGLE PLACES is a fantastic source of high value and free local advertising. This means a flow of free online quality local real estate leads. You can't get a better deal than this. Be sure to take the time to provide comprehensive information and use keywords focused on the products you offer. Product information is more important than your name. Think about what people are searching for and what lead generating target is when positioning yourself.

Important must do's

  1. You need to get a minimum of 5 good reviews by clients on your Google places.
  2. Accumulate Google Citations - that is other listings on the web that have the same phone number and address. Stronger citations mean better ranking.
  3. Get a one hundred percent completion rating in places from google.
  4. Accumulate positive reviews from past quality lead customers on other significant websites that clearly identify you.
  5. Make sure that your exact, actual business name and local phone number are the same everywhere.
  6. Add lots of pictures and give them SEO type names.
  7. See which links your competitors are using, especially the higher ranking ones.
  8. Add your homepage, search page and or your listings links to your places.
  9. Get ready to generate constant flow of online quality motivated real estate buyer leads.

How to Develop Quality Twitter Buyer and Seller Agent Real Estate Leads

Follow and you will be able to get Twitter real estate leads online in no time. You don't need huge numbers of followers to get Twitter real estate leads.

You need to make real and friendly connections and engage.

First Action Step: Get a Twitter Account.

By connecting with your real life friends online you will be able to find new quality followers that are local to you and then engage with them.

Second Action Step: Find some of your real life friends on Twitter.

Next step would be to expand your contacts. Always be looking for twitter contacts in your business area to be friends with on twitter. Always be checking your contact's friends for people you would like to follow and connect with. Use business client's emails and use the twitter import to find them on twitter and them follow them.

Third Action Step: Add Them to a List.

Do not give the list a business or potential lead name since the list name can be seen by those on the list. Use a friendly, low key name.

Fourth Action Step. Check your list everyday.

Fifth Action Step: Start viewing your list everyday.

See what your contacts are tweeting and engage with them as often as possible. Don't engage with them by spamming them your services or even mentioning anything about what you do. If you're doing this right they will check out your agent profile and know who you are by the time you even have your first engagement.

Sixth Action Step: Start watching and listening online to your list everyday.

Engage with them with friendly chat as often as possible. Don't even discuss what you do or anything that might indicate spam. Your goal is to befriend these people and then ask for their business. Doing it the wrong way is just bad manners. Friends first - the business generation comes later.

Seventh Action Step: Ask for their business

Once you build a solid relationship with them over the course of weeks, possibly even months, you are ready to ask for their
Be sure you have a comfort level before you do this because you don't want to damage the relationship you have built. The first time you ask for business can be as something as simple as, "Did you see the prices of homes here lately? They have been increasing." - This should lead to your blog post that you wrote because you're a marketing genius.
Keep in mind that part of being a great real estate agent is having great relationships with people. Great relationships can generate high quality real estate leads. By targeting fewer people on social media and really engaging with them you have a higher chance of turning individuals into actual leads.

Be targeted in your efforts and have a goal.

Practice this everyday and you will have fresh, unique buyer and seller real estate leads in no time!

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